About Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The BTech Programme in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS) is focused on providing a solid academic foundation in the core concepts of artificial intelligence and data science along with a deep understanding of their applications to develop professionals that are ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing eco-system of the technology industry. Students completing this programme will become full-stack data scientists, well-equipped for a variety of job roles depending on their choices and temperament including AI Researchers, Data Scientists as well as Industrial and Societal Entrepreneurs.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are two very different things. Artificial intelligence is the process of creating machines that can think like humans, or at least mimic human behavior in some way. Data science is the application of techniques from statistics, mathematics, computer programming and other fields to solve real-world problems using information technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term used to describe the simulation of human intelligence processes in machines. It typically involves sophisticated algorithms that enable computers to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition and decision making. However, AI can be applied in many more areas than just these three specific processes. Data science is a field of knowledge which applies advanced statistical and mathematical techniques to large datasets in order to extract knowledge from them that was previously not there. This data can be structured like a spreadsheet but can also be unstructured like text or video data.

You will learn how to design, create and implement AI and DS based software solutions to solve actual business problems. This course helps to explore concepts such as AI, Data Analytics, Data visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, semantic web and social network analytics, Blockchain Technologies, and Data Security and Privacy.

AI & DS is one among the upcoming fields of the 21st century that will impact all segments of daily life, by 2025  from transport and logistics to healthcare and customer service. Immense employment opportunities available for AI & DS engineers & have significantly increased worldwide in the past couple of years, with demand easily outstripping supply  in the field of

·         Data Analyst

·         Product Analyst

·         Big Data Engineer

·         BI Analyst

·         Data Scientist

·         Data Journalist

·         Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer

·         Strategic Data Analytics Analyst

·         Data Architect Data Visualizers

·         TDM Architect, etc.


” To impart knowledge, relevant practices in computer science and engineering and inculcating human values to transform the students as excellent professionals and potential resources to contribute to the society through advanced computing solutions.”


  • To provide strong fundamentals and technical skills in Computer Science and Engineering through advanced teaching learning methodologies.
  • To transform lives of the students by nurturing ethical values, creativity and novelty to become Entrepreneurs and establish start-ups.
  • To focus on sustainable solutions and improve the quality of life for the welfare of society.
  • To inculcate research attitude among the students and to provide opportunities to carryout inter-disciplinary research through the linkages with industry and academia.

Salient Features

  • Faculty with good academic experience in handling AI and Data Science Subjects.
  • AI&DS department provides opportunities for the students to participate in Project showcase, Hackathons, Ideathons, Competitions, Startup & Entrepreneurial activities, Social activities etc.
  • The department is having the required infrastructure with the latest high-end computing facilities to cater  the academic needs of the RGPV prescribed syllabus and provide a real-time experience to the students.
  • Value Added and Skill Development Training Courses(Alteryx, AWS, Celonis and Juniper etc) with Industry Experts.
  • Developing the student’s Technical knowledge and soft skills to meet the corporate recruitment process.
  • To motivate students to develop their overall personality in terms of career planning, goal setting and re-skilling which will stand them in good stead even after getting the job.
  • To motivate students aspire for higher studies and guiding them to take competitive exams.

We always believe in equipping our students with the right talent and personality to face the industry requirements. Our focus on placement centers on creating new approaches to attract the best from the industry to our campus. Placement time is not a mere annual ritual; it is a time for showcasing the very best in our young engineers to the industrial world. The Placement Training Cell functions with the primary aim of placing students in top-notch companies even before they have completed their courses. The Placement Training cell goes all out to train the students to meet the high industry expectations.





Prof. PANKAJ KUMAR JAINHead Coordinator
Prof. Daljeet Kaur
Prof. Daljeet KaurAsst.Professor